Power Outage At Subway 10/27/11

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norma gail turnbow
Arrived at work Thurs.10/27/11.
Everything going well this morning. getting store ready to open at 7:00 am. Register has money and started new day. Took cart of food from walk-in cooler, started coffee. The lights flickered then OFF. Total darkness.
Oh My GOD. The Subway Bulgar is here. stay calm , What to do ? What to do?
OK check flashlight, Oh great , Faint light, batteries are low. I had been meaning to get some new ones.
My heart is pounding . OK, Lets wait and see if comes back on soon. I will go outside and see who else is out. This whole block on my side of the road. Hey what was that noise? The other side of Bryant Irvin road is all lit up and going strong for 6:45 in the morning. OK make sign, Closed do to power outage. Well guess I better Call DJ and let her know power out. Store Phone no work. Needs Electricity. OK I have my Tracphone.
Hello DJ , Power out here at Cityveiw could you call and find out what is going on? How long before back on?
I have the cart out but I have not put any food in baine yet. This whole side of road out . It has been about 15 minutes now. Put Food back in walk-in cooler and set and wait. Do not drink coffee, You will have to go potty. Well flashlight low but can use for that.. OK put food away., got a cup of coffee, sat down in lobby to wait. Still dark outside and even darker here inside Subway. What was that? Oh this is spooky, Been a while since talked to DJ Need to go potty. Flashlight dead. OK have cell phone, I will turn it on and that is enough light to go potty. . What was that? I hear pounding , is that the back door? Oh my God he is here. I can lock myself here in the bathroom and call 911.if he comes this way. The Subway Bulgar cuts power and alarm, comes in drills safe and leaves. OK done go tinkle, come out look and listen, nothing. Must of been my heart pounding. Sitting here in lobby what to do? what to do?
If I had my crocheting I could do that. Not in the dark fool…Don’t have it anyway. This is scary..
Then this awesome thought came into my mind. Oh I have chills just thinking about it. OK It’s just you and me LORD.
What should I do? Pray , Oh yes I do that all the time. Hey, what happened? A calm a peace came over me. I was no longer scared . Let’s write about this. So I went and found paper and a pencil and commenced to writing this.
I am so thankful for God coming and setting with me.. Praise the LORD. I feel his presence all around me. I am filled with tears of joy, that God has time to spend with me. Praise God , for I am Unworthy.
Starting to get light out side now. Lobby is not as Dark. Cloudy today so no bright sunshine..
Best get another cup of coffee. It is 7:45 am now, according to my Tracphone. Just a cellphone is all it is. No Internet, camera or any fancy gadgets. If it did have , I would not of wrote this, because I would of been on Facebook or something else.
Praise God for this power outage. Has brought me ever so much closer to God. and myself.. I truly needed this WAKE UP call. My inter-self needs this one on one time with God it seems..
Well just went outside and DJ called. Power back on? Nope. I will call you DJ when it comes back on.
I told her I am writing everything down and she wants to read.
I worry so much about having enough money , I pray an God finds a way to get the Money for us. Someone will order something or need Mark to fix something or work on their PC. God always answers my prayers.
DJ , The owner of this Subway, is from India and has been here many years. This month will be 14 yrs, I have worked for and with her. Happy New Year DJ.
Groceries coming today so I hope we are able to put away ok. Backroom is pitch black. 8:17 am now Time to go potty again.. God is Good , got coffee made before power went out. We keep in Air-pot so it stays Hot..
Fountain drinks will not work without power..
Called Melissa , power out no need to come in yet. I will call you.
DJ just called power should be on by 11:00 am or sooner. OK thank you I will be waiting.
Just sitting here in lobby
drinking my coffee.
Watching cars go by
Praise the Lord
For he heard, I needed him as always.
Yet today the need,
was different indeed
And he came to set with me
Thank you ,
Been awhile, makes me smile ,
To have this time with God.
8:45 it is time, to have light And see.

The power is back on., time to get this store set up and open.
For those of you that do not know, I was robbed at gun point a couple of years ago at this store. At 7:30 in the morning. Enough said.

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