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norma gail turnbowWhat does hook me up mean?
To me it means our world is going to shit real quick. Every one wants a hook up of some kind. There are good hook ups like, hooking up a electrical connection or a means of hooking up an appliance.
But for the most part if someone says,” hook me up.” They are not talking of
a good hook up. Hook me up with free stuff is mainly what this term means. Whether it is food, sex or other products. There is to much hooking up going on. From the people on the street up to the top of our Government Officials. I will let you pass inspection if you hook me up. Hook me up and I will turn my head and pretend I say nothing wrong. Hook me up , hook me up, hook me up.
What the hell is wrong with everyone? Our people in Congress have been hooked up so much they do not know the difference between right and wrong, as well the people on the street.
I have people coming in my store all the time. I want this and that but I want it this way. Sorry for special price it does not come that way. Oh come on, hook me up. Sorry I lead my people by example, to do the right way. Oh who is gonna know? I know. How would you like people at your business doing hook ups and giving people free stuff? You would not make as much money, your cost of goods would be high. So this guy says, that is how I was taught. Hook them up and they will come back. What! Hook everyone up, and there will be no business, no jobs, no money. Kind of like it is NOW. Even commercials tell us to lie. Like the one where the daughter asked her Mother if she has seen her green shirt and the Mother says no. After the daughter leaves she gets the shirt out of the laundry. Washes it, and sneaks the shirt into the closet. Great advertising people.
Great soap will get the stain out. But you just taught everyone it is OK to lie. So if Mom lied about the shirt, are you lying about your soap as well?
Hook me up is also a term for getting drugs. Hook up with me is also a term used for getting together just for sex. If you said,” hook up with me later,” it could be a term, meaning I will meet you later. Before you go hooking up with any one make sure the meaning is clear between you and whom ever you are hooking up with. Hooking up could lead you to some problems.
We need less flipping so called hook ups and more, respect for each other, morals, values, honesty. Be responsible for our own actions.

1. Received a good or service as a favor
2. To make out with someone
3. To have sex with someone.

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