I Have Cancer Please Help!

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I Have worked very hard all my life, and for the past 15 years I have worked for
Subway at Cityview in Fort Worth Texas. For fourteen of those years I have been
I enjoyed my job and loved taking care of customers. But for the last few years, I have been in pain everyday and it kept getting worse.
In June I had to stop working due to the extreme pain and try to seek medical help because I could no longer walk without crutches and was unable to work.
I had no insurance and had a hard time finding a doctor that would even see me.
The same day after seeing a doctor I stopping to use the restroom at a convenient store, I fell and broke my femur in my left leg. They called 911 and I was taken to Harris Methodist in Cleburne by ambulance. The next day after being in surgery for 7 hours my husband was told that I had cancer. The femur broke at the point where one of tumors was located.
After being in ICU I was taken to Medical Center Arlington for surgery due to fluid buildup around my heart due to complications from the surgery on my leg.
I was in hospitals from July 12th to July 30th and during that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 bone cancer. Due to the fact of having no insurance nobody would treat me for the cancer.
After weeks of searching for someone MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas has agreed to treat me, without insurance. Since this all began we have used up what little we had saved to pay bills and survive, friends have helped us out some with living expenses.
I now have an appointment for October 15th but we have no money to travel to
Houston or for a hotel due to it being outpatient treatment. I have never asked
for help like this before but If you can find it in your heart to contribute to
my cause, We would be so very Thankful. Cancer effects so many, please help one

God bless you all:
If you can’t donate the the minimum the Paypal app allows or want to
donate in another manner just contact me at gailturnbow@hughes.net

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