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norma gail turnbowIt all started 53 years ago. I was Blessed into the home of Frank and Billie Trusty who already had a son, Allen. He is 5 years older than me. Just the right age for a new little sister.

I was a beautiful baby. As all babies are. God had given me to a very wonderful family. The best. I was only a week old and my folks took me and Allen off to Yellowstone National Park. I was laying on the front seat , with my brother in the back. Oh praise the Lord for bringing us to such a wondrous place with lots of bears and other wilderness creatures. I have no memory of this only the 8mm film my folks had taken. The car was a white 51 Mercury. There is bits of snow on either side of the road. Bears walking around looking for food. Mom, Dad and Allen are very happy. I must be to because I am laying on my stomach, raise up and look around. I guess I was a strong little Leo girl.

My name, Norma Gail. I went by Gail and still do. I was named Norma after my Uncle Norm. He really was not my Uncle. He and his wife Evelynn where my Mom and Dad’s closest friends. My Aunt Evelynn wanted me to be born on her birthday . I came two days after. Mom told me stories of how they took her on bumpy roads and made her walk. Any thing they could think of to get me out on Aunt Evelynns birthday. I was stubborn then, still am now.

The Gail part of my name came mostly from Daddy. He liked the name and they had a hard time finding something to go with it. I never have liked to be called Norma. Most the people named Norma I met in my life had traits I did not want in my personality. I did not really like Gail either. Guessing I must of been in school I have a memory of trying to think of a better name than Norma Gail. Michelle, Lucy, Haily, Jennifer, Brittney, Brenda, Christina, Ciara, Terry, Stephanie, Julie, Bonnie, Lisa, Sue, Tammy, Carly, Pamela, Jean, Marilynn, June, on and on and on. Nothing felt right or sounded right for me. Since then I have come to love my name and know it was meant for me.

Living in a cute little white house on the corner. There were more 8mm pictures of me and my brother playing in the yard. The yard had a wire fence around it with a white wood trellis. A beautiful rose bush {yellow I think} growing on the trellis. It was the entrance from the back side, facing the street. The front had a gate and as you walked down the side walk to the front door, there were two rose bushes. One on each side. They are red I think. I must of been close to 13 or 14 months old and was hosing a little puppy dog. Allen was running all over being silly for the camera. You know I want a little tiny chihuahua now. {Well I did, now I have a kitty cat.} I thought it is because everyone else has them. Guess what kind of dog I was watering with the hose?

The front door has a screen door made of wood. The outside is white, covered with ceramic shingles. Two windows in the middle of the house. One on each side of the door. Grass covers the yard, and there is a square pad of cement about 3ft squared that two white posts {one each side} are secured in. Mail box attached to one. A small porch to keep the rain off as you knock at the door and enter.

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