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norma gail turnbowWe went to Cleburne to do some laundry and get a few groceries. What a surprise!
Golden Corral all closed up. I had no idea they were in trouble. I have not eaten at this location. While in Utah we ate there and it was awesome. As we continued to do our tasks we went by a Blockbuster and they had DVD’s for sale in the parking lot. I knew they were in trouble so that did not surprise me.
After doing laundry and going to Wally world to get a few things, {I really like
going to Aldi’s, but it is in another town.} we stopped by Mrs. Baird’s discount bakery. Guess what? They are closing their doors the 1st week of May. What a shock. People , places, and things, going, going, GONE!!! Before we left for town ,I was having a chat on Facebook with an old friend. She had just got laid off from her job at IKANO. She said,”they closed Salt Lake City and Los Angeles plants.” Moving them to the Philippines.
What the Hell? We need jobs here!! Our so called wonderful Government needs to get off its ass and start making things better here so companies can stay here. It seems our Government prefers to help other countries rather than keeping the United States the Best of all we can be. Let us start drilling for oil and make jobs and fuel. How about using more coal as energy. Jobs and power. What happens when more and more electric cars are on the road and no electricity to power them? What about public transportation? Trains we build track for and no power to make them run. Makes sense to me. NOT!!
Nuclear Power is another issue as well. We need more of these plants to power this Great Nation. Because Mother Nature attacked Japan we are on hold. What???? Solar power and windmills are great also, but that is not enough. Lets start counting on our own source of oil and energy and provide OUR people with the jobs and power we deserve. If you do not like it go live in a different country. You are not TRUE AMERICANS.

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