Here It Is January 2011

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norma gail turnbowHere it is January 2011.
A new year I thought, I myself would never see. Only the Good die young.
And when I was young I did not so good things. I guess that is why I am still around. I have grown older and somewhat wiser. Oh my God, I have become my Mother and Father. Who could of know this would happen? Just everyone.
The lessons we learn we try to teach to our children and to others
we love and care for. The thing is, we sometimes must just learn on our own.
God has always been with me. I pushed him aside a few times and was truly sorry I did. But God has granted me Grace and forgiven my childish behavior.
At this moment I know God has forgiven me my sins. The problem is can we forgive ourselves. Only then can we really move on.
I was telling Mark about my childhood. I was a biter. Yes, I liked to bite.
I bit my brother a lot I think. He was 5 years older and biting was my protection.
My Mom was always cooking and eating out was a real treat. After supper we would watch T.V. I was Daddies little girl and would set next to Daddy and he would put his arm around me. One night he had his shirt off and his arm around me.
Oh yes, I did it! I bit him on the titty! Oh no! I was in trouble. I remember
running and hiding in the closet. Oh no! he found me. I think that was the only time my Father ever hit me. I do not remember the hitting, just the finding, and how bad I felt to upset my Daddy. I was no longer a biter.
Both my Mother and Father have been gone for many years now. I find myself sharing things they told me, when I was growing up. I am so very lucky to have such great people as my parents. Mom would always tell me, “No one is better than you, and you are no better than anyone .” Knowing this, I try not to look down on others, as I myself am looked down upon.

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