norma gail turnbowGail passed away December 31st 2012 after a painful fight with bone cancer. She was my light and my life, now she is with our Lord and free of any pain and suffering. One day we will be together again. Until then she will always be at my side and in my prayers. Until then goodnight my love and be happy with your mom, dad, and brother in the arms of our lord.
With eternal love: Mark

I Have Cancer Please Help!

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I Have worked very hard all my life, and for the past 15 years I have worked for
Subway at Cityview in Fort Worth Texas. For fourteen of those years I have been
I enjoyed my job and loved taking care of customers. But for the last few years, I have been in pain everyday and it kept getting worse.
In June I had to stop working due to the extreme pain and try to seek medical help because I could no longer walk without crutches and was unable to work.
I had no insurance and had a hard time finding a doctor that would even see me.
The same day after seeing a doctor I stopping to use the restroom at a convenient store, I fell and broke my femur in my left leg. They called 911 and I was taken to Harris Methodist in Cleburne by ambulance. The next day after being in surgery for 7 hours my husband was told that I had cancer. The femur broke at the point where one of tumors was located.
After being in ICU I was taken to Medical Center Arlington for surgery due to fluid buildup around my heart due to complications from the surgery on my leg.
I was in hospitals from July 12th to July 30th and during that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 bone cancer. Due to the fact of having no insurance nobody would treat me for the cancer.
After weeks of searching for someone MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas has agreed to treat me, without insurance. Since this all began we have used up what little we had saved to pay bills and survive, friends have helped us out some with living expenses.
I now have an appointment for October 15th but we have no money to travel to
Houston or for a hotel due to it being outpatient treatment. I have never asked
for help like this before but If you can find it in your heart to contribute to
my cause, We would be so very Thankful. Cancer effects so many, please help one

God bless you all:
If you can’t donate the the minimum the Paypal app allows or want to
donate in another manner just contact me at

Power Outage At Subway 10/27/11

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norma gail turnbow
Arrived at work Thurs.10/27/11.
Everything going well this morning. getting store ready to open at 7:00 am. Register has money and started new day. Took cart of food from walk-in cooler, started coffee. The lights flickered then OFF. Total darkness.
Oh My GOD. The Subway Bulgar is here. stay calm , What to do ? What to do?
OK check flashlight, Oh great , Faint light, batteries are low. I had been meaning to get some new ones.
My heart is pounding . OK, Lets wait and see if comes back on soon. I will go outside and see who else is out. This whole block on my side of the road. Hey what was that noise? The other side of Bryant Irvin road is all lit up and going strong for 6:45 in the morning. OK make sign, Closed do to power outage. Well guess I better Call DJ and let her know power out. Store Phone no work. Needs Electricity. OK I have my Tracphone.
Hello DJ , Power out here at Cityveiw could you call and find out what is going on? How long before back on?
I have the cart out but I have not put any food in baine yet. This whole side of road out . It has been about 15 minutes now. Put Food back in walk-in cooler and set and wait. Do not drink coffee, You will have to go potty. Well flashlight low but can use for that.. OK put food away., got a cup of coffee, sat down in lobby to wait. Still dark outside and even darker here inside Subway. What was that? Oh this is spooky, Been a while since talked to DJ Need to go potty. Flashlight dead. OK have cell phone, I will turn it on and that is enough light to go potty. . What was that? I hear pounding , is that the back door? Oh my God he is here. I can lock myself here in the bathroom and call 911.if he comes this way. The Subway Bulgar cuts power and alarm, comes in drills safe and leaves. OK done go tinkle, come out look and listen, nothing. Must of been my heart pounding. Sitting here in lobby what to do? what to do?
If I had my crocheting I could do that. Not in the dark fool…Don’t have it anyway. This is scary..
Then this awesome thought came into my mind. Oh I have chills just thinking about it. OK It’s just you and me LORD.
What should I do? Pray , Oh yes I do that all the time. Hey, what happened? A calm a peace came over me. I was no longer scared . Let’s write about this. So I went and found paper and a pencil and commenced to writing this.
I am so thankful for God coming and setting with me.. Praise the LORD. I feel his presence all around me. I am filled with tears of joy, that God has time to spend with me. Praise God , for I am Unworthy.
Starting to get light out side now. Lobby is not as Dark. Cloudy today so no bright sunshine..
Best get another cup of coffee. It is 7:45 am now, according to my Tracphone. Just a cellphone is all it is. No Internet, camera or any fancy gadgets. If it did have , I would not of wrote this, because I would of been on Facebook or something else.
Praise God for this power outage. Has brought me ever so much closer to God. and myself.. I truly needed this WAKE UP call. My inter-self needs this one on one time with God it seems..
Well just went outside and DJ called. Power back on? Nope. I will call you DJ when it comes back on.
I told her I am writing everything down and she wants to read.
I worry so much about having enough money , I pray an God finds a way to get the Money for us. Someone will order something or need Mark to fix something or work on their PC. God always answers my prayers.
DJ , The owner of this Subway, is from India and has been here many years. This month will be 14 yrs, I have worked for and with her. Happy New Year DJ.
Groceries coming today so I hope we are able to put away ok. Backroom is pitch black. 8:17 am now Time to go potty again.. God is Good , got coffee made before power went out. We keep in Air-pot so it stays Hot..
Fountain drinks will not work without power..
Called Melissa , power out no need to come in yet. I will call you.
DJ just called power should be on by 11:00 am or sooner. OK thank you I will be waiting.
Just sitting here in lobby
drinking my coffee.
Watching cars go by
Praise the Lord
For he heard, I needed him as always.
Yet today the need,
was different indeed
And he came to set with me
Thank you ,
Been awhile, makes me smile ,
To have this time with God.
8:45 it is time, to have light And see.

The power is back on., time to get this store set up and open.
For those of you that do not know, I was robbed at gun point a couple of years ago at this store. At 7:30 in the morning. Enough said.

True Americans

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norma gail turnbowWe went to Cleburne to do some laundry and get a few groceries. What a surprise!
Golden Corral all closed up. I had no idea they were in trouble. I have not eaten at this location. While in Utah we ate there and it was awesome. As we continued to do our tasks we went by a Blockbuster and they had DVD’s for sale in the parking lot. I knew they were in trouble so that did not surprise me.
After doing laundry and going to Wally world to get a few things, {I really like
going to Aldi’s, but it is in another town.} we stopped by Mrs. Baird’s discount bakery. Guess what? They are closing their doors the 1st week of May. What a shock. People , places, and things, going, going, GONE!!! Before we left for town ,I was having a chat on Facebook with an old friend. She had just got laid off from her job at IKANO. She said,”they closed Salt Lake City and Los Angeles plants.” Moving them to the Philippines.
What the Hell? We need jobs here!! Our so called wonderful Government needs to get off its ass and start making things better here so companies can stay here. It seems our Government prefers to help other countries rather than keeping the United States the Best of all we can be. Let us start drilling for oil and make jobs and fuel. How about using more coal as energy. Jobs and power. What happens when more and more electric cars are on the road and no electricity to power them? What about public transportation? Trains we build track for and no power to make them run. Makes sense to me. NOT!!
Nuclear Power is another issue as well. We need more of these plants to power this Great Nation. Because Mother Nature attacked Japan we are on hold. What???? Solar power and windmills are great also, but that is not enough. Lets start counting on our own source of oil and energy and provide OUR people with the jobs and power we deserve. If you do not like it go live in a different country. You are not TRUE AMERICANS.

Here It Is January 2011

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norma gail turnbowHere it is January 2011.
A new year I thought, I myself would never see. Only the Good die young.
And when I was young I did not so good things. I guess that is why I am still around. I have grown older and somewhat wiser. Oh my God, I have become my Mother and Father. Who could of know this would happen? Just everyone.
The lessons we learn we try to teach to our children and to others
we love and care for. The thing is, we sometimes must just learn on our own.
God has always been with me. I pushed him aside a few times and was truly sorry I did. But God has granted me Grace and forgiven my childish behavior.
At this moment I know God has forgiven me my sins. The problem is can we forgive ourselves. Only then can we really move on.
I was telling Mark about my childhood. I was a biter. Yes, I liked to bite.
I bit my brother a lot I think. He was 5 years older and biting was my protection.
My Mom was always cooking and eating out was a real treat. After supper we would watch T.V. I was Daddies little girl and would set next to Daddy and he would put his arm around me. One night he had his shirt off and his arm around me.
Oh yes, I did it! I bit him on the titty! Oh no! I was in trouble. I remember
running and hiding in the closet. Oh no! he found me. I think that was the only time my Father ever hit me. I do not remember the hitting, just the finding, and how bad I felt to upset my Daddy. I was no longer a biter.
Both my Mother and Father have been gone for many years now. I find myself sharing things they told me, when I was growing up. I am so very lucky to have such great people as my parents. Mom would always tell me, “No one is better than you, and you are no better than anyone .” Knowing this, I try not to look down on others, as I myself am looked down upon.

Hook Me Up

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norma gail turnbowWhat does hook me up mean?
To me it means our world is going to shit real quick. Every one wants a hook up of some kind. There are good hook ups like, hooking up a electrical connection or a means of hooking up an appliance.
But for the most part if someone says,” hook me up.” They are not talking of
a good hook up. Hook me up with free stuff is mainly what this term means. Whether it is food, sex or other products. There is to much hooking up going on. From the people on the street up to the top of our Government Officials. I will let you pass inspection if you hook me up. Hook me up and I will turn my head and pretend I say nothing wrong. Hook me up , hook me up, hook me up.
What the hell is wrong with everyone? Our people in Congress have been hooked up so much they do not know the difference between right and wrong, as well the people on the street.
I have people coming in my store all the time. I want this and that but I want it this way. Sorry for special price it does not come that way. Oh come on, hook me up. Sorry I lead my people by example, to do the right way. Oh who is gonna know? I know. How would you like people at your business doing hook ups and giving people free stuff? You would not make as much money, your cost of goods would be high. So this guy says, that is how I was taught. Hook them up and they will come back. What! Hook everyone up, and there will be no business, no jobs, no money. Kind of like it is NOW. Even commercials tell us to lie. Like the one where the daughter asked her Mother if she has seen her green shirt and the Mother says no. After the daughter leaves she gets the shirt out of the laundry. Washes it, and sneaks the shirt into the closet. Great advertising people.
Great soap will get the stain out. But you just taught everyone it is OK to lie. So if Mom lied about the shirt, are you lying about your soap as well?
Hook me up is also a term for getting drugs. Hook up with me is also a term used for getting together just for sex. If you said,” hook up with me later,” it could be a term, meaning I will meet you later. Before you go hooking up with any one make sure the meaning is clear between you and whom ever you are hooking up with. Hooking up could lead you to some problems.
We need less flipping so called hook ups and more, respect for each other, morals, values, honesty. Be responsible for our own actions.

1. Received a good or service as a favor
2. To make out with someone
3. To have sex with someone.

Home sweet home

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norma gail turnbowIt all started 53 years ago. I was Blessed into the home of Frank and Billie Trusty who already had a son, Allen. He is 5 years older than me. Just the right age for a new little sister.

I was a beautiful baby. As all babies are. God had given me to a very wonderful family. The best. I was only a week old and my folks took me and Allen off to Yellowstone National Park. I was laying on the front seat , with my brother in the back. Oh praise the Lord for bringing us to such a wondrous place with lots of bears and other wilderness creatures. I have no memory of this only the 8mm film my folks had taken. The car was a white 51 Mercury. There is bits of snow on either side of the road. Bears walking around looking for food. Mom, Dad and Allen are very happy. I must be to because I am laying on my stomach, raise up and look around. I guess I was a strong little Leo girl.

My name, Norma Gail. I went by Gail and still do. I was named Norma after my Uncle Norm. He really was not my Uncle. He and his wife Evelynn where my Mom and Dad’s closest friends. My Aunt Evelynn wanted me to be born on her birthday . I came two days after. Mom told me stories of how they took her on bumpy roads and made her walk. Any thing they could think of to get me out on Aunt Evelynns birthday. I was stubborn then, still am now.

The Gail part of my name came mostly from Daddy. He liked the name and they had a hard time finding something to go with it. I never have liked to be called Norma. Most the people named Norma I met in my life had traits I did not want in my personality. I did not really like Gail either. Guessing I must of been in school I have a memory of trying to think of a better name than Norma Gail. Michelle, Lucy, Haily, Jennifer, Brittney, Brenda, Christina, Ciara, Terry, Stephanie, Julie, Bonnie, Lisa, Sue, Tammy, Carly, Pamela, Jean, Marilynn, June, on and on and on. Nothing felt right or sounded right for me. Since then I have come to love my name and know it was meant for me.

Living in a cute little white house on the corner. There were more 8mm pictures of me and my brother playing in the yard. The yard had a wire fence around it with a white wood trellis. A beautiful rose bush {yellow I think} growing on the trellis. It was the entrance from the back side, facing the street. The front had a gate and as you walked down the side walk to the front door, there were two rose bushes. One on each side. They are red I think. I must of been close to 13 or 14 months old and was hosing a little puppy dog. Allen was running all over being silly for the camera. You know I want a little tiny chihuahua now. {Well I did, now I have a kitty cat.} I thought it is because everyone else has them. Guess what kind of dog I was watering with the hose?

The front door has a screen door made of wood. The outside is white, covered with ceramic shingles. Two windows in the middle of the house. One on each side of the door. Grass covers the yard, and there is a square pad of cement about 3ft squared that two white posts {one each side} are secured in. Mail box attached to one. A small porch to keep the rain off as you knock at the door and enter.